Finally in our rooms

The children are now in their rooms and unpacked, they are all hungry after a fabulous day! 


20 thoughts on “Finally in our rooms

  1. Hello lex, hope your having a good time. Looks so fun! Great pic of you and Lucy, so quiet at home without you…
    Have fun, see you soon.
    Lots of love, the greatest sister in the world, Morgan! xx


  2. Very quiet here too Lucy Lou!! Love your bunk beds 👍🏻. Have a great night and enjoy your tea. Bet your hungry after your amazing day. Jack sends you a kiss. He says he’s sleeping in your bed tonight……. 😄 Xxxxxx


  3. That’s a lovely photo of you and your friends Macy! Even the cuddly Furby makes an appearance ☺ Have a great time we’re all missing you, love you lots xxxx


  4. Hope you’ve had a brilliant day, its fantastic to see your still smiling, hope you all have a good night. love you lots Tyla xxxx


  5. Omg Tink I am so jealous. We were talking about the Flying Scotsman this morning and you said you might see it! I shown Noah the pics and he still thinks he could have ‘squished’ into your suitcase. He wants to see the trains. It looks like you are all having a wonderful time, love you monkey ☺ x x


  6. Hope you have enjoyed your day Louis the flying Scotsman looked amazing and your room looks brill don’t forget to take some pictures and have a good nights sleep ready for tomorrow love you mum dad and Charlie xxxxx


  7. Hi Lois, looks like you have had a fab time today, I hope you remembered to take some great pictures with your camera. Enjoy your tea and I will check in again later to see what you more fun you guys are getting up to. Loads of love mum, dad, ben and matthew xxx


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