Tea time!! 

Lots of hungry children, after such a wonderful, eventful day!  


19 thoughts on “Tea time!! 

  1. Wow! It looks as though you have had an incredible day! I am sure there are lots more adventures to come tomorrow! Can’t wait to see what you all get up to! Miss Cooper 🙂


  2. Wow Tea looks lovely.
    Hope you’ve eaten all your tea Kaspar.
    Missing you lots can’t wait to see you tomorrow and hear about your trip.
    Love you lots mummy & William.xxx


  3. Wow. Looks like a yummy tea you are having Leah. Hope you have eaten it all. So proud of you. Hope you have had a wonderful birthday with your friends. We love you. Xx


  4. To Tyla, hope you’ve had lots of fun and you have lots of nice dreams and sleep, we miss you. Lots of love from Alyx & Amy xxx (mum & dad too) xxx


  5. Hi Jake, wow what a day you guys have had, it looks like you have all had an amazing time. Can’t wait to hear what you enjoyed the most. Enjoy the rest of the day. Love from Auntie Claire, Uncle Mark, Ben & Matthew. xxxx


  6. Wow that looks yummy !! Hope you’ve eaten it all Issy. Missing you lots the house is sooo quite without you . Can’t wait to hear about the wonderful day you’ve had lots of luv mummy daddy and Amy xxxx oh and nannie and grandad xxxx


  7. Hi kaspar
    Hope you have all had a great day..and i hope you ate your tea without making the mess you make here 😀😉..have a good sleep see you soon lots of love dad.x.


  8. Hope you are having a wonderful time Connor. Tiny pie is being missed! Enjoy your adventure and tell me all about it at the weekend. Much love Auntie Fiona


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