11 thoughts on “Breakfast time!!

  1. Breakfast looks yummy.
    I hope you ate up all your breakfast Alesha and Zackery?
    You will need the energy for your adventure today?

    Love from Nazma (Alesha Q’s Auntie)


  2. What a fab breakfast I’m sat here starving now but glad to see everyone so happy have a lovely day can’t wait for a cuddle tinypie all the family are reading this blog and loving the pictures xx


  3. Looks like your all well fed ready for the day ahead have a lovely day today and we will seriously all later. Love from Sarah leah Blaine & Noah


  4. Tinypie it looks like the best adventure ever! Did you get any sleep or were you too excited? Granny and Grandad keep asking to see you on this adventure. Will ring you tonight and you can tell us all about it. Love you. Auntie Fiona xxx


  5. Good morning, breakfast looks lovely, hope you slept well izzy, not too much talking 😃 and have a great day today xxx love mum xx


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